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Who Is The GymWolfPT?
If You Follow Me On Facebook/Instagram or LinkedIn You Already Know I'm A Fitness Professional To Be Followed And Trusted!

That's not me 'bragging' or being arrogant, it's just that at 42 years of age and over 25 years of working out at gyms, health clubs and home, I'd have to be pretty dumb not to have found out 'what works and what doesn't'!!!

However, if you haven't yet seen my work, results and successes please read below:
  • ✅Proven Methods & Results​- Yes, I live the fitness life myself, so know exactly what it takes, the problems faced and how to succeed. However, I'm also a father of 3, and know all about having limited time, lots of responsibilities and the frustrations life can bring. 
  • ✅I Appreciate That Getting In Shape Isn't The Solution To All Life's Problems - but it's a hell of a good place to start.​ But being bossed by a 20-something PT with no understanding of real life can quickly get demotivating. Whether you're looking to achieve a total transformation or just lose a few pounds, I'm the online PT to help you do it.
  • Commitment & Passion - I'm truly passionate about helping people to improve their fitness, eating, physique and energy levels. If I can do it as a 42 year old dad of 3 with an extremely demanding schedule, then I strongly believe EVERYONE with the desire and commitment can make a similar journey.  
  • And don't just take it from me, here's what others are saying..................
Maggi Addison-Hewitt, Study Centre
"Decided to take the leap even if a bit skeptical…Ian has been the best trainer I have ever had. Took me a while to become adept at filling in data but Ian was very patient. The app is great now and always there if I have to alter my workout time.

I have a very bad left knee so Ian was able to adapt my plan and is always at the end of an email for the numerous questions.

He gives great motivation through articles and even though I have a busy day it’s good to read them.
In one month I’ve started to achieve my goal and certainly have more energy!".
Kelly Nunn , Business Development Manager at VPS Group
"I would highly recommend Ian's services as a PT he gives great advice, lifts you up and helps you achieve a great mindset and fitness goals! 

Definitely worth the money if you want to transform your fitness goals!".
Dave BainbridgeAerospace Engineer
"The best PT in the area.  I have just completed the ‘4 week fitness blaster’ training package. 
Today was my last day and the results are in...
Day 1: weight 82.5kg and 21.0% body fat 
Day 28: weight 78.0kg and 18.7% body fat
Still some way for me to go but 4.5kg weight lose in 28days will do me just fine, my fitness has definitely improved and so too has my body shape all thanks to the amazing work done with the GymwolfPT.  I have learnt so much that I now have several new habits which I am able to stick too, and so not only am I exercising better but I am also eating healthier and making better food choices which I don’t regret at all. 
If you want to make a change to your life look no further and give GymwolfPT a call. You won’t regret it.".
Martin O'MalleyBusiness Investment Director
"I was first introduced to Ian over a year ago by a colleague of mine who had been using Ian’s programmes and the difference showed.
I have a busy life like most people and find myself travelling every couple of weeks to different countries, so I never could seem to find the time to exercise properly and ended up putting this and my fiat to one side and spent most of my time working, and when I did go to the gym I never found a routine that worked for my life style.
After speaking with Ian he created a diet for me that complimented the fact that I travelled and also an exercise routine that did the same. In 6 months I have managed to loose 10kg and feel in great shape. I would recommend anyone with a busy life style to seriously let Ian work out a routine that will fit around your style.".

Bhav Parekh, Trainer and Internal Verifier at HM Revenue & Customs
"Ian was very understanding of my unique circumstances. 

He came up with a way forward in areas I didn’t think was possible. 

He has a good set up and provides excellent support and motivation throughout. 

Couldn’t recommend him enough especially if you have a busy work life like I do.".
Simon Bartlett , Director at Specialised Conservatory Systems Ltd
"I started with Ian at the beginning of the year,& I have to say he has been brilliant.  He is very knowledgeable with regards training & nutrition & always gives advice based on his experience not necessarily from a book or website. 
I’m very capable of losing interest in this kind of thing but with Ian right there whenever I need encouragement I have slowly got in to a routine with my training and am seeing some encouraging results that I hope to build on over the coming weeks and months. I have been allowed to do things at my own pace but I believe if I had been really keen and able to follow Ian’s plan to the letter I would have seen much more significant results but I am taking it slow and enjoying the process thoroughly. 

I recommend Ian and GymWolfPT 100%, he’s also a really nice guy. ".
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